Our Story

Chuck Holland grew up on a farm north of Forest City, Iowa. After high school, he held various jobs while still farming with his family and became known in the area as someone who could find the problem and fix it. No matter if it was a car engine, tractor transmission, or farm tile blowout, he knew what to do. Chuck recognized the growing need for more agricultural drainage in the area as a potentially lucrative business opportunity. In 1964, with the purchase of a few machines, Chuck went out into business. Holland Tiling was born.

More work led to the addition of employees and a shop at the Holland Family Farm. Over the next few years, Chuck’s now successful firm gained a reputation as the company to call when others couldn’t figure out how to get the job done. He was, and still is, willing to lend his expertise and common sense ideas to projects across the country.

In the early 1970s, Chuck saw more opportunities in other segments of the construction market. The company expanded into concrete work, new building projects, and street paving. Each area led the company to expanding markets and increased profitability, guiding the way to the company’s incorporation in 1976. During the economic downturn associated with farming in the early 1980s, Holland Contracting Corporation was positioned to maintain itself by its own diversity. The company moved into Forest City and its present location in 1982.

Over the past many years, HCC has consistently transitioned itself upward, with Chuck providing the vision along the way. He knows that the company needs to move from doing everything in-house toward providing leadership and partnering with others to complete larger projects. He also recognizes the necessity to delegate many of the duties he has held. A very capable, experienced, and value-driven team has been assembled at Holland Contracting. The group has the proven ability to take any project from idea to completion.

Holland Contracting will make every effort to understand what you want and answer your questions. We appreciate the chance to learn about your goals and how what we do will make your dreams come true.

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