Our Team

Charles S. Holland Chairman of the Board

Extension: 18
Cell: 641-590-0514
Email: CHHolland@HollandContracting.com

Jeff Holland President

Extension: 22
Cell: 641-590-1095
Email: JeffHolland@HollandContracting.com

Tim Fredrickson Vice President/Controller

Extension: 19
Cell: 641-590-0530
Email: TimFredrickson@HollandContracting.com

Brad Mary Vice President/Wind Division

Extension: 33
Cell: 641-590-6226
Email: BradM@HollandContracting.com

Brett West Vice President/Building Division

Extension: 21
Cell: 641-590-0454
Email: BrettWest@HollandContracting.com

Dan Kruger Project Manager

Extension: 37
Cell: 641-529-3709
Email: DanK@HollandContracting.com

Patti Kawalek Accounts Payable Manager

Extension: 35
Email: PattiK@HollandContracting.com

Mandy Tegland HR/Safety Director

Extension: 32
Email: MandyT@HollandContracting.com

Debbie Bartleson Office Manager

Extension: 11
Email: DebB@HollandContracting.com

Jeff Nelson Custom Division

Extension: 14
Cell: 641-590-0749

Greg Henken Building Site Super

Cell: 641-590-0520
Email: GregH@HollandContracting.com

Terry Leitch Building Site Super

Cell: 641-590-4106
Email: TerryLeitch@HollandContracting.com

Wendell Watson Metal Fabrication

Extension: 17
Cell: 641-590-0750

Ron Fate Heavy Hauling

Extension: 17
Cell: 641-590-0178

Steve Reimann Shop Foreman

Extension: 17
Cell: 641-590-1665
Email: SteveR@HollandContracting.com

Ray Furst Water-Sewer Manager

Extension: 16
Cell: 641-590-0526

Bryan Lunning Tiling Division

Extension: 14
Cell: 641-590-2468
Email: BryanL@HollandContracting.com

Joel Albertson IT

Email: JoelA@HollandContracting.com

Cole Leitch, ADS—Forest City Overhead Door Division

Main: 641-585-1900
Cell: 641-590-1562
Email: ColeL@ADS-Doors.com

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